A semi-weekly dispatch of compact videos from the participating composers and librettists. A window into the composing process!

media suite

Curator Discussion

Filmed conversations between curators for context and a unique point of view! Hear how leaders in the arts think.

Round Tables

Participating artists talking the art with other artists. Pull up a seat at the craft table.


Get to know the stories behind the artist and music.


As the compositions develop, the work is brought to singers to rehearse and record. Watch the recordings with introductions by the artists themselves. Hear from the singers. It’s in process. Discover how it feels on the voice.

Libretto Readings

Hear Bay Area actors read sections of the librettist’s work in development. Watch the sausage get made.


One on one interviews with creators to learn even more.


Be a fly-on-the-wall as Librettists and Composers work together on Zoom. Witness the struggles and triumphs of collaboration.

**Not all Librettists and Composers will participate**



In a quick three-question survey, let the curators know how you’re responding to the piece.

Creators Journal

Follow their progress as creators make a video journal each week.

online events

Opera GabFests

Got something to say? Join a curator facilitated conversation about the projects. Imagine a book club meeting with the editor of the book. Limited spots.

Open Studio

Enter the artists’ studio, and interact directly with teams in real time while they show you what they’re working on.