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Aperture curator


Brian M Rosen is a San Francisco based composer/performer specializing in works that marry music and theater.

As one of the original employees at Pixar Animation Studios who helped to create Toy Story and a long time performer in the concert halls and stages of San Francisco and New York, Brian has a singular perspective on the future of creative expression in an increasingly mediated world.

As a composer, Brian's work explores boundaries and genres, blending high art and pop culture, opera and musical theater, choral works and contemporary a cappella. His compositions include, The Google Variations, Death of a Playboy, and The Richter Scales.

As a vocalist and actor, Brian performs in venues throughout the United States, including the San Francisco Symphony, Berkeley Opera, Cinnabar Opera Theater, various professional touring companies, and the 2001 PBS Great Performances production of Sweeney Todd in Concert.

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