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Sprint 1

Feb. 16 2021


Question 1: In the Creator's Journal, Djore got in the weeds about music theory. How well did you understand what he was talking about?  

Question 2: Are you a fan of surrealist art such as that of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore?  


Question 3: Have you been aware of the work of Dolores Huerta before hearing about this opera, or are you new to her story? 

Question 4: Tina discusses Magical Realism in her session with Ryan. How familiar are you with Magical Realism in Literature?  

Not well = 0, Completely = 10, Average: 7

Not interested = 0, Extremely = 10, Average: 6.1


Never heard of her = 0, Followed her career = 10

Average: 6.6

Not familiar = 0, big fan = 10, Average: 7.1

Issue 7: Words or music?

Question 1: Based on what you heard from the Dolores and Shondj team about voice types: do you agree or disagree that Claude Cahun should be a mezzo-soprano?   

Question 2: Are you interested in the discussion between Thomas, Kizart-Thomas, and Nance about the gender of Isfet in Shondj and how that may impact the voice type?  

Question 3: Do you think it’s harder or easier to write about a character’s legacy and influence when they are still alive? 

Question 4: Do you prefer operas that are based on real life characters or events, or do you prefer fictional stories as in The School for Girls who Lost Everything in the Fire?  

Question 5: Which comes first, the words or the music?

Results: 13 Responses

Average 3.5, range 3 to 5    (5 = ‘very much agree’) 


Average 2.9, range 1 to 5    (5 = ‘enthralled’)



Average 2.2, range 1 to 5    (5 = ‘piece of cake’)

Average 3.2, range 1to 5     (5 = ‘prefer fiction’) 

Words – from 5 people

Music – from 2 people

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